Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tyndale: Great Britain needs to sort out the stinking mess of marriage, family law and divorce courts

A good read on the sad state of marriage in the UK. A snippet follows:

Tyndale: Great Britain needs to sort out the stinking mess of marriage, family law and divorce courts

"It’s no coincidence that the demise of marriage has taken place against a background of rising numbers of couples “cohabiting.” New figures also show that almost half of all babies in England and Wales are born outside wedlock.

Can it be right that 46.8 per cent of babies are born to unmarried mothers? And what hope is there for future generations if the trend of having children with whoever you fancy goes unchecked?"


Dulantha said...

People who complicated the society by using the term of "Modern" are responsible for this situation.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers, judges, psychologists, and others familiar with the system have known the truth for decades as evidenced by the various commissions that have completed studies and made recommendations with no follow up action. The unfortunate truth is that no change will be made until men mobilize, and men in general, whether by nature or by nurture, are more built to compete with other men than to empathize with them. Men like to think they are empowered and in control. Look at the very first reply to a comment in this thread. The gist was to give advice and suggest what could have been done to g"buck up and get in control of the situation". The situation is way out of control. Women are far more effective in empathizing with each other and having laws implemented to protect other women. Men would not just as soon not hear other men whining ... unless the EXACT same thing has happened to them. We would rather watch movies about other men taking on injustice all by themselves and overcoming it with heroic might or cleverness.
The comical irony is that while men want to see other men get angry and fight back, the system does not allow that anger (as opposed to acting on anger) is a legitimate emotional response to the stress of being legally raped in one's hindquarters by the family courts. A father who expresses anger at having his children taken away and having to pay his ex-wife more support for successfully denying shared custody ... will have his last hopes stripped away and face the further humiliation of supervised access or no access at all.
Somehow, before laws and their implementation can be changed, men have to find away to overcome the basic truth that men don't empathize with other men.

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