Thursday, March 25, 2010

Testamax for Wimps - Its whats needed in Socialist Kanukistan

This is a highly necessary new product for many North American Males especially Ontario Liberals and Socialists.  Most have been turned into eunuchs by strident feminist ideology and they need help. See your Doctor for a prescription if you are pussy whipped.

There are quite a number who appear to be afraid of pundits like Ann Coulter speaking in Ottawa and elsewhere. They whine they are "offended" by her straight forward, shoot from the hip rhetoric.  I think Michael Moore is a vacuous gas bag but I just change the channel if he starts to annoy me. I wouldn't even go to the effort of protesting because he simply isn't worth it. It just goes to show the bed wetters at Ottawa U are afraid of her.

I think much of what she says is her own dark humour, and one ought not to take it seriously. She does what she thinks is necessary  to get attention, publicity, and  notoriety as a necessary ingredient to sell her books and get folks to read her column. I may not agree with all her views but I support her right to say it especially against the scourge of Islamofascism. I do love the way she annoys the leftards and pushes their buttons. It is great sport to watch!

The campus wimps are aligned with the feminists, Muslims, Unions, anarchists and in all likelihood the fascist machinery of the Human Rights Commissions who are their target audience to find someone offended.

This ugly suppression of free speech as occurred at the University of Ottawa is the face of Liberal Fascism.