Sunday, July 26, 2009

Opposition sites to Bill C-422

Just for fun I'm going to keep a list of sites I discover that oppose Bill #C-422 and then also just for fun try and see what the political leaning is. I'm Apolitical not having any particular leaning with the exception of away from the NDP, typical socialists who operate in a vacuous wasteland of whining about whatever appears to get sound bites on any particular day. They are the "No Dads Party" but perhaps they will see the equalism in keeping children in the lives of both fit parents, or ideology may block it as is the case of the socialists in the UK. The public opinion poll shows NDP voters favour equal parenting.

As a student of Politics, a non religious person (agnostic for those of you who like labels) and a student of human nature it allows for my intellectual (what there is of it) curiosity to see where ideology crosses over from fairness, common sense and in the case of the new brand of feminism, an explanation (or not) of how it strayed from equality for all to the "I'm an oppressed victim of the patriarchy", (we men). I also like to compare these North American Victim Feminists (there are men that fit this definition as well as you will see) to real oppression such as we have seen with the drowning of the 4 women at the hands of real and deadly patriarchs lurking inside a religion.

These are the ones so far and please note how they link to one another or use quotes from other articles that fit their political or ideological viewpoint. This article is on a very left wing site and the author martin dufresne is a long standing feminist, albeit of the male variety. I have always wanted to find out why men like Dufresne get so ideologically wrapped around a female centric, currently a victim oriented version of feminism. He operates a Montreal based translation service here. Are men like him self-loathing in that they condemn - not just one man - but all men as unfit to be a parent? I think it says a lot about him but not much about the rest of us.

Martin Dufresne is a profeminist activist based in Quebec. Long involved with Montreal Men Against Sexism, he monitors Male Lobby activity, notably the so-called "fathers' rights" movement and "alternatives to justice" for wife batterers and child rapists. He is a co-founder of FIVERS (Feminists against Intimate Violence Empowerment, Resistance and Support), an international Internet discussion list dedicated to ending sexist violence. (To join, e-mail:

Here is a little bit of his propaganda which has no citations as usual:

The organization Quebec Men Against Sexism (Secretary: Martin Dufresne: sent out this press release to commemorate the Montreal Massacre, which it calls a "terrorist attack." Here's a bit of it:

(Quebec City, November 24, 2004)--A detailed database assembled by Quebec Men Against Sexism indicates that no fewer than 594 women and 172 children and youths have been murdered by men (or by unknown parties) in Quebec since the antifeminist rampage of December 1989 at Ecole Polytechnique. And these are only the cases where bodies have been found and identified and victim names made public, an acknowledgement often denied to children and to...

This site is a Victim Feminist location operated by an unidentified person. Anonymity has its perks I guess.

This site is operated by a Grandmother named Emily Dee from Kingston, ON who switched from being a red-Tory to a liberal. (No apparent difference that I can discern but I am not suggesting it is a bad thing). What she may not understand is Count Iggy her new political guru supports equal shared parenting in one of his books. She may have to go to the No Dads Party which is a tad further left again.
She quotes Dufresne's article and is entitlement oriented and concerned about the religious right. I hadn't heard of the Promise Keepers for a very long time until reading this.

This is an interesting blog hit with the referral emanating from a private que on the leftist ideologue site. It is a taxpayer supported institution that is now called E-health - yes the one with all the scandals. Is it also a hot bed of feminism? We'll see. I'm recording the info for now just in case we taxpayers are being abused again with employees using government computers and time for personal use. I also see one from Ryerson University so the feminist network may be geraring up for greater opposition.

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