Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feminist influence has reduced men's freedom once again with the retention of the Canadian Gun Registry

Keep these names in the forefront when going to the polls in the next federal election in Canada. Each one of them are feminist sycophants who drank the kool aid we men are a dangerous lot and the only way to keep the fembots safe is to maintain a useless and inefficient gun registry.  After all we are only men the last bastion of bigotry and bias for the MSM and others to pillory.MJM

Larry Bagnell, Lib, Yukon
Fin Donnelly, NDP, BC
Keith Martin, Lib, BC
Charlie Angus, NDP, ON
Carol Hughes, NDP, ON
Claude Gravelle, NDP, ON
Anthony Rota, Lib, ON
Malcom Allen, NDP, ON
Jim Karygiannis, Lib, ON
Albina Guarnieria, Lib, ON
Todd Russel, Lib, Labrador
Scott Simma, Lib, gander
Andrew Scott, Lib, Avalon
Jean-Claude Damours, Lib, Madawaska
Wayne Easter, Lib, Malpeque
Peter Stoffer, NDP, Sackville