Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fathers4Justice founder Matt O'Connor on Hunger Strike

Fathers4Justice in David Cameron doorstep protest

Mr O'Connor is taking only water and lemon juice

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A campaigner for fathers' rights has started a hunger strike outside the prime minister's house.
Fathers4Justice (F4J) founder Matt O'Connor, 44, started the protest outside the Oxfordshire home of David Cameron, a F4J spokeswoman said.

He wants Mr Cameron to honour pledges about grandparents having a right to see their grandchildren and over shared parenting.

Mr O'Connor, from Hampshire, said he would stay as long as possible.

He also wants Mr Cameron to retract comments he made describing some fathers as "runaways".

Mr O'Connor said: "The idea is to carry on for as long as I can - even if I am hospitalised."

Mr O'Connor said his only intake would be water and lemon juice.;postID=3527340468654501100


Dulantha said...

This is so pathetic....

The question is will the politicians care about him?

A life of a feminist is more valuable for these corrupted politicians rather than a life a man who is fighting for truth and the justice.

Michael J. Murphy said...

Politicians only care about optics. If his life is in danger the optics will change. If not, they will do little but wring their hands.

Matt is doing his best to draw attention to the dysfunctions and he has their attention. We will see where it goes.

A man in New Hampshire recently set himself on fire and died in front of a court house to protest Family Law with hardly a ripple from the political and judicial class.