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Texas mom 'groomed' Barrie teen

There are those who have said this is every adolescent boys dream. Its also a dream of many adolescent girls but remember this is an adult who lured a young teen who is highly susceptible and highly vulnerable to sexual manipulation. There ought not to be two different sets of rules for boys and girls. Sexual predation no matter what the gender is unacceptable in our society.  At least the Texas authorities followed up on it. I wonder where our Ontario Child Protection Agencies were throughout this.MJM

Kept up pressure before hotel tryst, police say

Published On Thu Jan 07 2010

A 42-year-old Houston mom relentlessly "groomed" a Barrie teen online before flying north and having sex with him at a hotel in Rosseau, Ont., U.S. authorities say.

Lauri Price, a mother of four, met the boy online playing "World of Warcraft" in September 2008 when he was 15, says the Harris County, Tex., district attorney's office.

After Price flew to Toronto, drove to his home but failed to lure him away last February, she kept up the pressure in a "long, long grooming process," said Lieut. Matthew Gray of a Houston-based Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Price allegedly came north again Dec. 29 and took him about 110 kilometres to the hotel. The two-day tryst ended when an off-duty police officer spotted them.

Price doesn't face charges here.

However, she was arrested when she returned to Texas.

She remains jailed there, charged with two counts of online solicitation of a minor and one count of enticing a child with the intent to commit a felony.

The teen's mother told The Canadian Press her son is heartbroken.

"(My son) believed he was in love, or believes he is in love," said the boy's mother.

"He's devastated. He really, really is. He feels responsible, even guilty."

The boy has been "assured by family and professionals that this is not his fault," she added. "This is someone much older than him, and it's an adult who has manipulated him into these feelings."

Price, a substitute teacher, was working on contract at a school but it has been cancelled because of her arrest.

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Texas mom 'groomed' Barrie
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Woman arrested for
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