Saturday, January 30, 2010

Antonia "The Zerb" Zerbisias resident Feminista at the Trawna Red Star outdoes herself

The National Post recently did an article on the Federal Governments withdrawal of funding to a UN agency ostensibly doing humanitarian work for  Palestinians. Apparently most of our taxpayers money was going directly into the Palestinian Authority treasury if not their pockets. They do have a reputation for corruption not to mention terrorism in Israel.  Antonia Zerbisias the Toronto Red Star's resident FemLoon  took umbrage and wrote the  Tweet on the left for all the world to see.

Now many of us know The Zerb is a FemLoon who  some additionally describe as a JooLoon (a person who has a breakdown over any kind of actions appearing to compliment or strengthen Israel - such as their aid to Haiti.)  She was admonished for calling a Jewish Canadian leader gay when he was not and had to apologize. 

She purportedly believes she is a feminist victim of the patriarchy and would probably be the publisher of the Red Star if not for that evil conspiracy of "Old Boys" holding her back. Looking at her picture what do you think? There is a consistency with the Loons of the Left, especially of the Feminista Tribe, who paradoxically align themselves with radical Muslim causes who would, if opportunity arose, put them in Burkhas and rule under Sharia Law.  At the extreme we know what those in the Taliban would do to them but the Zerb and her cult/tribe have their views and they are sticking to them.  You try and figure out why those who whine about their victimhood, their pursuit of more than equal status, abortion on demand, wearing what they want ( A burkha is OK in that light except I guess if they are forced to wear it), not wanting dads to share parenting after divorce, having no glass ceiling and all the other wants would align themselves with the most patriarchal religion in the universe.

Barbara Kay did a retort to the Tweet which starts as follows on the 5 Feet of Fury blog:

Guest post by... Barbara Kay (!)
# Kathy Shaidle : 2010-01-28 08:25:50 EST
Much to my surprise, Barbara Kay emailed this to me, and asked if I wanted to run it on my blog. Of course, I said yes.
So here's... Barbara Kay:
When Toronto Star columnist Antonia Zerbesias was in Grade 9, she was suspended for lampooning a teacher in a cartoon, and sent home with an accompanying note calling her “rude, obstreperous and bold.”

Apparently she so enjoyed the experience (or maybe, having been raised in the self-esteemy school of education she thought everything she heard about herself was a compliment), she decided to make “rude, obstreperous and bold” her default mode of communication.

Certainly her writing skills (indifferent to lousy for an adult) and critical acumen are about what you’d expect from a Grade 9 student, but never mind: simplistic writing and thinking coupled with rudeness, obstreporousness and boldness are exactly what you need to build a career at the Toronto Star.

Even the editors of the Toronto Star, though, had to be wincing at the rather
extreme simplicity and extreme
rudeness displayed by Ms Zerbesia Jan.26 when, agitated at the National Post’s editorial comment on an issue she felt strongly about, she tweeted “F*** you, National Post National Post and the horsesh** you rode in on.”...

The rest is here.

Some of the left have picked it up on their blogs offering retorts and defending the virtue of the Zerb. I leave it to you to figure out why but ideology often trumps logic and there is no shortage of lefty terrorist sympathizers out there many of whom are feminist or pro-feminist collaborators. They are often far left Liberal or dipper in their political leanings but then feminism has its roots in Marxism so its no surprise.

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