Friday, June 26, 2009

Broadsides by Antonia Zerbisias responds to Christina Hoff Summers on Burly Men

Burly men

''Mens Rights Now,'' whose handle always cracks me up, suggests somewhere in the comments on 4567 some other post that I blog this piece of propaganda by a right-wing think tank type for an ultra-conservative publication.

Well, you know how I just live to please guys like Men's Rights Now.

Anyhow, the piece is about how unemployed ''burly'' men in the US -- who, admittedly, have been hit hard by the decline in construction and manufacturing jobs -- are supposedly being shortchanged by some grand feminist conspiracy to keep them from benefiting from stimulus spending by President Barack Obama...continued here

Broadsides by Antonia Zerbisias tries effeminately and unsubstantially to respond to one of the pioneers of true feminism, Christina Hoff Summers, since taken over by Victim Feminists like Zerbisias who is an intellectual light weight in comparison. No doubt AZ cut and pasted her retorts from other blogs rather than do any of her own research. I posted the following on her blog today but didn't think she would have the gonads to allow it be seen. It is, after all, the socialist Red Star she works for who have no journalistic standards for their blogging reporters.
It is, of course, in jest but if you think about it these victim feminists have no clue about how they have arrived at their station in life but go on thinking they are oppressed by men when, in fact, its all about their own choices.

I and some friends are lobbying the UN to create a feminist state in an under populated area of Africa. This state would use the most recent scientific methods for victim feminists like Zerbisias to produce sperm from stem cells so they don't need men to reproduce. This would give them wider CHOICE although it will be harder for them to order up sperm from males who are a minimum of 5"11" (irony intended) the current standard. The UN will provide a peace keeping force (consisting mostly of men of course) to protect them for 10 years while they train their own defence force. We will call this force the FDF for want of a better term. At the end of this 10 year period they are on their own unless they CHOOSE to sign an agreement with a patriarchal state for mutual aid. Given it is unlikely they will do this we are also taking bets on how many New York Minutes it will take for this Victim Feminist regime to be overtaken by an Africa tribal culture unsympathetic to victim feminist desires.

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