Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wife assaults Husband and cuts him to pieces

This seems only too typical by many police forces when a female commits Domestic Violence. In this case the assault lead to her husband's death. A similar death occurred in Edmonton and a big Gender Discount was given to this women. It may not even turn up as DV in statistics reports further distorting the picture.MJM

Wife assaults Husband and cuts him to pieces. She is charged. He then dies. So is she charged with murder? No the charges are being dropped because the only witness is dead. Despite the body of physical evidence like photographs, statements, police evidence etc...
So this is what we have: He dies and the only witness is gone so they are now considering dropping charges? As the family says what about all the evidence? Photographic, written. Its all there. And she is free on bail. Now if the situation was reversed and she had died he would have been arrested immediately and charged with murder ! Everyone knows that but.....
Equality for all? In family and criminal justice? Nah.....
From: Jeremy Swanson [mailto:swansonatstorm.ca]
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 3:04 AM
To: Media-CAN-Print-Journalist-Mindelle Jacobs-Edmonton Sun
Subject: Do you think I might be on to something?

Do you think I might be on to something? Not a single print media story on this despite the death? Not one. Just silence .Had she been the victim and he the abuser the newspapers would have been falling over themselves to report the story and continuing the myth of predominant male on female violence.
In addition did you notice that despite the deceased getting a restraining order against his abuser he as the victim still ended up moving out of the house to live with his mother before he eventually died? Is it not supposed to be the case that domestic abusers are supposed to be removed from the home?

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